Food Safety Plus

Any individual who is currently employed in the hospitality-tourism field in a management, supervisory and/or hourly position that has contact with food and/or who serves food to the public as noted in the following venues:

- Retail Food Stores licensed by NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets

​- Local and National Restaurant Chains    

- School Lunch Meal Programs

- Food Manufacturers 

- Country Clubs

- Local and National Hotel Chains

- Correctional Facilities

- Retailers

- Department of Health

- Contract Food Service

- Hospitals

- Rehabilitation Centers

- Correctional Facilities

- Concessions

- Senior Care Facilities

- Assisted Living Sites

- Parks and Recreation

- Airline Venues

- Day Care Centers

​- Food Truck Vendors

- Convention and Event Centers

- University School Food Service

- Event Planners

- Sports Venues

- Special Event and Concessions


2-hour “Food Safety Awareness: A Crash Course in Food Safety” recommended for:

Volunteer or Event/Festival Groups Offering Food and Beverage to the Public 

- Food festivals and events
- Competitive food events and tastings
- Fund raising groups
​- Group or association dining events, ie. church pot luck dinners

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